EU gives £24m of British taxpayers money to Czech Republic

Gone Fishin' – the EU has awarded fishing industry with a £2.5bn fund from British taxpayers

The EU has given £24m of British taxpayers money to the LANDLOCKED Czech Republic to boost its FISHING industry.

“The UK taxpayer is being asked to spend billions of pounds to countries throughout the EU on projects that it may not directly support or see a benefit from.

“It makes a mockery of the UK if it is expected to give the EU funds to support fishing industries in landlocked countries such as the Czech Republic.

“As a result, the UK taxpayer is being taken for a ride and there seems to be little political support in Government to end this practice.”  said Rory Broomfield, director of the eurosceptic Better Off Out campaign group.

This is what it means to be part of the EU.

The Czech Republic’s economy is ‘bigger than New Zealand and oil-rich Kuwait. Its unemployment rate is currently 6.1 per cent, less than the UK’s 6.5 per cent.’

Meanwhile un-elected Prime Minister Cameron plans to hold an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union in 2017 if his party wins the next election.

And worryingly,  Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister said the UK was being “dragged ever closer to the exit door of Europe” and claimed “independence would protect Scotland’s EU membership.”

A bigger worry still is that the ‘Yes’ campaign claims the possibility of a referendum poses “a real threat” to Scotland remaining part of the EU!

Now I did contact the ‘Yes’ campaign asking that if Scotland gained independence and we re-join the EU, how can it be independence as they make all UK law and it wouldn’t be any different for Scotland? That’s not independence.

I received a reply after a week from Graham Watson and after going through what the EU had to offer Scotland and how we would benefit, he still didn’t answer the question.

Click on images to enlarge. (opens in new tab)

Reply from the Scottish Government.   email

Reply from the Scottish Government.   email 2


There was an attached PDF file, this was the gist of it.

Reply from the Scottish Government.  2

Now I am not bashing the ‘Yes’ campaign in any way, they have done an excellent job for Scotland, but either they do know about this or they don’t.


(Please do read the other articles, especially the main page.)

Even with a ‘yes’ vote, Scotland will still not gain any real form of independence, not if we re-join the EU.

The real threat to Scotland’s freedom is the EU.

This is why this website has been created, to provide the information, for the people, raising awareness and to try and take the first steps in establishing the People’s Parliament.

It is vital that on the 18th September, Scotland free’s herself from the grasp of the UK and its parliament, we will truly be free until such times we……….re-join the EU. (I do apologise for the repetitiveness, it really has been a long day)

Which is why I ask, do you want to be truly free or do you want to pretend to be, just to have all the ‘benefits’ the EU has to ‘offer’, including being governed by them?

That’s not independence.

That’s  not freedom.

Alba gu bràth!


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