Response to: Reasons why I intend voting yes!


So I was scrolling through twitter earlier and up popped a tweet about a Facebook post and said it was ‘just brilliant’.

So off I popped to see and read what this brilliant thing was.

A post by Karen MacPherson in which she says: “I’ve spent a great deal of time investigating the issues relating to independence……”

I am not trying to intentionally bash Karen in any way, it just seems that her research isn’t quite complete and so I decided to take each reason she gave for voting and responded with my own.

Why would I do that?

Well, it seems a lot of people are unaware of certain issues and willing to give away their freedom and independence at the drop of a hat and leading us further down a very rocky road, a rocky road we have been on for far too long and yet and wish to remain on it.

Not possible.

Let’s have a read then.

From Facebook:

Shared: 1,134 times.

Should be good then.

Woo hoo my ballot paper has arrived and I’ve spent a great deal of time investigating the issues relating to independence (even taking a short course with Edin Uni) and for what it’s worth I wanted to share some of the reasons I intend voting YES (just in case it can help any undecideds):

1. There may be uncertainty and fear with voting YES but for me it’s akin to leaving home, getting married, having a baby, moving home or job; there’s always doubts but we take the risk and make it work. A few months down the line we wonder what we ever worried about. This isn’t about the next year or two, this is about preserving our country for generations to come.

Well, a bit riskier than having a baby or getting married but agree.

2. Scotland will never be at the top of Westminster’s agenda. I want a government that is accountable to Scotland and not one that can impose what it likes (poll tax, bedroom tax, fracking licenses) knowing we can’t remove them from power.

Let’s take back our country from London rule, write our own constitution and govern ourselves. Establish a People’s Parliament that is able to speak for the people (once one has been established that is) for there is no doubt, that if we win, we will never have a say in anything, the Scottish government don’t listen now, it won’t be any different when they ‘think’ they are in charge.

Alex Salmond said in the last tv debate that if we win, he would ask Alistair Darling to join his team. Now whether he was joking remains to be seen, but do you honestly want someone like Darling lording it over you? Because he will you know, smarmy git that he his. 

3. I want to vote for a political party based on their manifesto and not on their geographical allegiance. After independence all parties will be working for Scotland and the Scottish people can choose who best to run our country. Right now we rely on SNP to continue with free prescriptions, frozen council tax, bedroom tax mitigation and tuition fee free education (I couldn’t have completed my degree otherwise). What happens if any other party gets into Holyrood without independence? I suspect we’ll be brought into line with the rest of the UK.

Well, we can only ask for what we want, what we get may be entirely different.

We’ve already been brought  into line with the rest of the UK,  and have been for a long time. Isn’t that one of the reasons for independence? Isn’t that why Scotland is suffering, because  ‘they’ already crack the whip regardless of what the Scottish government says or wants?

4. I want our oil revenue (and despite the scaremongering there’s more than plenty to come, billions being invested in the industry west of Shetland for a start, oil companies don’t do that for nowt) to be invested in a soverign wealth fund for future generations just as Norway has. When oil and gas do eventually run out I want to have something to show for it and not just squander the wealth like Westminster has done.

This one is a wee bit tricky. You see, the queen of England, owns the sea-bed. Well she is under the impression she owns it ‘personally’ which is not true of course. It belongs to the ‘Monarch’ regardless of who sits on a throne. Which means she also believes she owns the ‘oil’ , so as far as she is concerned the oil is hers and not ours.  Meaning, for now, she has control over the oil not Scotland.

5. Scotland is wealthy. We pay more in to the treasury per head than we get back. Scotland is estimated to be 14th wealthiest country, current UK being 18th. Pretty far up the international league table so plenty room for manoeuvre in my opinion. Scotland would be at least £180 billion better off if we’d been independent for the last 32 years. Yet use of food banks has increased by 1200% in the last two years, double the rate of the rest of the UK.

Yes, all true and more. But I read we would be the 7th wealthiest country. Even better 🙂

6. Every ‘expert’ and politician I’ve heard on both sides says that Scotland is perfectly ‘capable’ of running it’s own affairs. Even David Cameron admits Scotland can be a successful independent country.

Again, agree, which is the reason for all the scare tactics. We are better off without them. No argument there that’s for sure.

7. Scotland has rejected the marketing and privatisation of the health service that is happening in NHS England. If we vote no it will be increasingly difficult to resist the privatisation that’s already happening south of the border as our budget reduces in line with theirs.

Scotland’s budget will be cut dramatically, not reduced in line with theirs.

8. We will be part of a currency union, it’s not in the interests of rUK not to. Even if we did have our own pound (plan b) our borrowing rate would be at worst 0.5 to 1% higher (Pimco), than it is currently and we would be starting without debt. Interest rates will eventually go up in the UK anyway so that really isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Government borrows from the banks and has to repay the loan, PLUS INTEREST. To pay the loan and interest the Government tax the people. The banks cannot lose because they have the taxes of the people as security for their loans.

This will add to the increasing debt to the banks and putting them in a very powerful position of authority over the government which then in turn gives them control of government policies like immigration,  free trade, multiculturalism and a lot more besides.

No government can borrow money unless they are willing to surrender a considerable amount of control to the banker.

Please read ‘Banking – the Greatest Scam on Earth‘, this is the reality of banking and the global monetary system which is a huge ponzi scheme.

You should also watch: ‘The European Debt Crisis Visualized

We really should have our own currency.

9. Westminster is becoming Europhobic and there is likely to be an EU referendum in 2017. I believe that for all it’s faults Europe is the way forward. It’s in everyone’s interest to get membership for Scotland rubber stamped as quickly as possible, member states would be unable to block it and any delays in full membership are likely to be mitigated by temporary measures.

Europe is not the way forward.

Who do you think rules and governs us now and why the UK is in the mess that it is now?

The EU.

You can’t have independence and EU membership.

That’s not independence.

The EU already make and implement all UK laws, it will be no different for Scotland.

You gain independence in one hand but willing to give away your freedom back to the EU? You will be governed and ruled by them just as you are now. 

“No-one will ever govern Scotland better than the people who live and work in Scotland…” not so.  The EU will.



Self- government, self-rule, home rule, Sovereignty, freedom, liberty, self-reliance, SELF-STANDING – that’s what independence is.

You won’t get that with the EU.

10. Nuclear weapons did not deter Argentina, Iraq or Afghanistan. All it does is give Westminster a seat at NATO’s top table. I’d rather see investment in regular troops who are our real deterrent.

You would like to invest in ‘regular troops’? Against who or what? The ‘troops’ have killed more civilians than they have so-called ‘terrorists’. We should be encouraging them to put down their weapons, not aim them at unarmed people.  By all means have the soldiers, but standing on Scottish soil and not off in some foreign land.  And yes, get rid of Trident.

11. Pensions; safe in an iScotland. I don’t believe I’ll get anything by the time I reach pension age (who knows when that will be) staying in the UK so there is a better chance in an iScotland.

I hope this remains so.

12. Nobody can guarantee the future either way but be assured that voting no is not a vote for the status quo. I for one don’t trust the new income tax rules coming into play in 2016, I believe the way the block grant is calculated will be reviewed to Scotland’s detriment and I also don’t believe we’ll get more powers. If that was the case we’d already have them.

We don’t have any powers now and we certainly won’t have any by the time the EU, central bank, the monarchy and the Scottish government are done.  All these organisations will be ruling over you,  just as they do now. It won’t be any different if we remain with these organisations in an ‘independent’ Scotland, although I suspect it will be far worse.

Bottom line for me is that we’re a strong, wealthy, capable nation that will only ever reach it’s full potential at the hands of it’s own people by having full control over the governance of our country.

But it won’t be in the hands of its own people. We will not have full control, if any, over the governance of our country. 

This is what almost everyone doesn’t seem to understand.

You simply can not have independence and still retain membership with the EU, have a central bank or the present day monarchy.

That’s not independence.

Do you understand yet?

There is no compromise.

There is nothing that those three organisations have to offer in an independent Scotland.


There is no room in an independent FREE Scotland for the EU.

This is why Scotland and The People’s Parliament site has been created, because ‘we are’ Scotland.

We may win our independence, but we will never win our freedom.

Be brave, let’s change things for the better, let’s make history!

Yes! Be brave and make history, the only chance we will probably ever have since the days of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce who gave their lives trying to keep us free.

I’m pretty damn certain they wouldn’t be fighting for independence just to hand it back over to the EU.

Do you?

I want what is best for Scotland, for the future generations but we can only achieve that by standing by the true meaning of Independence and be truly free, for that is a risk worth taking.

Do you want real independence and freedom or do you just want to pretend you want them?


Alba gu bràth – Scotland Forever!

Vote Yes! on the 18th and then begin the fight for freedom.

*Note: Anything posted on Facebook is public domain and free to use.

Bonus Feature! 😀 (from 2011 but still important)



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