‘Yes’ campaign wont answer simple question on NHS

The ‘official narrative’ of the Yes campaign in regards to Scotland’s NHS is that only a ‘Yes’ vote will protect it from privatisation.


This is simply not true and I have asked them via Twitter about the TTIP and Scotland’s NHS as waiting for an email reply takes seven days.

The question has been ignored. Twice.

TTIP  is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States and another perfectly good reason to keep us free from the EU.

nhs on twitter yes campaign

nhs question to yes campaignThe question was also put to others.

NHS question on twitter

No response.

Scotland’s NHS is under threat from privatisation (read about it HERE) but the ‘Yes’ campaign is adamant that it is perfectly safe.

A recent article published on their website by Stuart McDonald: No party politicians confirm: England’s NHS privatisation hurts Scotland’s NHS too – ends the post with:

‘The implications could not be clearer. Only a Yes win will protect Scotland’s NHS from the knock-on effects of future cuts and privatisations in England.’ (link)

Yes it will, if we don’t re-join the EU and reject the TTIP.

But the ‘Yes’ campaign and many of their followers are all in favour of re-joining.

The rest of the article is about Labour MP’s warning how Scotland will be harmed due to privatisation.

There is no mention of TTIP.

‘Throughout, either Westminster has not thought about implications for NHS Scotland and the devolved health administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland, or has considered TTIP a covert vehicle for forcing the privatisation agenda.’ (TTIP and independence)

But the ‘Yes’ campaign will not answer any questions on anything that is not government ‘policy’ according to Graham Watson when asked about independence with an EU membership.

I am unable to provide information unrelated to government policy and therefore have nothing to add to my previous response. – Graham Watson Scottish Government.

How is EU membership unrelated to government policy?

As said previously, we will be ruled and governed by the EU even with independence if we ‘re-join’.

That is a fact.

This is not scare mongering and trying to put the fear of God in to Scottish voters, or try to influence their vote in any way.

But why won’t the ‘Yes’ campaign even acknowledge the TTIP and the real threat that it does pose for Scotland’s NHS?

Why don’t you try asking them?

What is TTIP?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) also known as the Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.

Proponents say the agreement would result in multilateral economic growth, while critics say it would increase corporate power and make it more difficult for governments to regulate markets for public benefit.

The U.S. government considers the TTIP a companion agreement to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

After a proposed draft was leaked, in March 2014 the European Commission launched a public consultation on a limited set of clauses.

The TTIP free trade agreement could be finalised by the end of 2014.

The TTIP was set up behind closed doors.


‘TTIP will allow private companies to sue govt. for millions’

The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal

TTIP: 9 Risks Clegg And Farage Won’t Tell You About The US-EU Trade Deal

NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.






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