SNP planning to cut NHS spending by half a billion pounds after referendum

Scotland's independence waits for a referendum. scotland flag

Are the SNP planning to cut half a billion pounds in NHS care spending?


A leaked document revealed the SNP government’s ‘secret agenda’ to cut billions of pounds in NHS spending after the referendum.

The ‘Yes’ campaign have been vigorously promoting that Scotland’s NHS is safe with a yes vote and ignoring the threat from the TTIP.

In The Telegraph today:

SNP Government planning half a billion pounds of NHS cutbacks, leaked dossier reveals

Scottish health boards are being asked to make up to £450m in savings over the next two years, a secret document leaked by a whistleblower shows.

The SNP Government is planning almost half a billion pounds worth of cutbacks from Scotland’s NHS according to a controversial leaked document.

A report understood to have been distributed to Scotland’s health boards said that over the next two years up to £450m of additional “savings” must be found.

The secret document also warns that health care executives need to “urgently” establish priorities and says “significant changes” must be rapidly implemented.

Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour leader, said the revelations showed the SNP has a “secret agenda” to cut health care spending after the referendum.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said the document was part of “regular discussions” among health care leaders, adding that the SNP administration was “protecting and increasing” Scotland’s NHS budget.

The dossier, obtained and distributed by the Labour Party, was leaked by an unnamed whistleblower concerned with how the SNP was portraying the NHS in the referendum campaign.

The anonymous source said there were “major problems” with Scotland’s NHS and claimed Yes camp suggestions the UK Government is to blame were “not true”.

It is understood the leaked paper was co-written by the Health Board Finance Directors and the Financial Director for Health Directorate in Scottish Government.

The revelations come with the Yes campaign repeatedly claiming that the only way to protect the NHS from major cuts is to vote for independence on Thursday.

The claims have infuriated the pro-UK camp, which has branded the warnings the biggest lie of the referendum campaign.

While the SNP says any cut to the English health budget would hit the amount of money given to Scotland, control of the NHS is totally controlled by Holyrood. Furthermore, no Westminster party proposes reducing health care spending.

Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Leader, said: “These papers show that the SNP have a secret agenda to cut health spending after the referendum. Alex Salmond was elected on a manifesto to protect health spending and now he is planning cuts but has decided not to tell anyone until after Thursday’s vote.

“The SNP lied about NHS privatisation. They lied when they said they didn’t have the powers to protect the NHS from cuts. Now they are deceiving the people of Scotland about plans to cut health spending after polling day. Its clear that the SNP cannot be trusted with our NHS.” – read more HERE


Whichever way the vote goes on Thursday, the people of Scotland should be demanding the resignation of Alex Salmond et al and be held accountable if this is true!

Alex Salmond is slimier than a slug, a deceitful, lying human being if ever there was one.

Scotland and The People’s Parliament have made it clear that the entire Scottish Government should be booted out one way or another.

We are for independence, but we will expose the lies and deception regardless of who is behind it.

Isn’t it bad enough that the UK parliament have lied and coerced people over the referendum and now the Scottish Government have ‘secret agenda’s’ ? (again I  might add)

So much for:


Lying toerags.


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