Scotland and The People’s Parliament is not a political party and are in no way representing, affiliated with or endorsed by a political party…………

Scotland and The People’s Parliament….

10629563_530287917103273_7212959506100502218_n….believe that should Scotland gain independence on 18th September and thus re-joins the European Union, no ‘true’ independence will be gained.

It is quite simple.

Without sounding like Nigel Farage………….

You can not have independence with EU membership.

You can not have independence with a central bank.

You can not have independence with the present day Queen of England, who is only queen of Scots and not of Scotland.

Re-joining the EU will not bring you independence.

Nor will it bring you FREEDOM!

Scotland can only gain independence without these ruling bodies.

There is no compromise.

Scotland and The People’s Parliament is the starting point should we finally be free of London rule on the 18th September. 

David Cameron has said that if his party win the next election there will be an in/out EU referendum.


David Cameron faced further pressure to respond to the rise of Ukip, with a move by Tory MPs to promise to vote for the UK to leave the European Union and calls from a grassroots organisation to take back immigration powers from Brussels.

The Prime Minister suffered a major blow after Douglas Carswell defected to Nigel Farage’s party, with polling indicating he would comfortably win the by-election in the Clacton seat for Ukip.

Now dozens of Tory MPs are expected to promise to vote for the UK to leave the European Union in an effort to win support from Eurosceptic constituents at the 2015 general election.

Up to 100 Conservatives would pledge to vote to leave the EU, no matter what changes to the UK’s terms of membership Mr Cameron was able to achieve before the referendum he has promised by the end of 2017,The Independent reported.

Mark Reckless, the Tory MP for Rochester and Strood, told the newspaper: “My election manifesto will confirm my view that we should leave the EU.” – The Telegraph

Why would we give back our freedom to the EU?

Join the campaign and vote for independence then fight for freedom!

Alba gu bràth!


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