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Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years!

Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership!

News headlines today in The Express exposing the ‘secret document’ and the truth being kept from the British public that by the time that people realised they were duped, it would be too late.

Well not all.

And it isn’t too late.

The UK is out of the EU, much to the dismay of the Scottish Government, Nicola Sturgeon and nearly the entire population of Scotland that WANT to stay in the EU, so much so that they were begging to remain! 

Nicola Sturgeon is adamant that if Scotland gains her independence, we will once again return to the criminal and un-elected, European Union.

At the risk of repeating myself throughout this site;

You cannot be Independent and remain in the EU.

That isn’t the definition of independence.

That is the definition of stupidity.

The declassified FCO 30/1048 document dated April 1971, reveals the loss of British sovereignty, to monetary union and the over-arching powers of European courts and politicians were told to preserve the impression that the British Government was still calling the shots rather than an unelected body of foreign politicians – and that the ruse would last “for this century at least” – by which time Britain would be so completely chained to Brussels it would be impossible to leave.

Which many of us already knew and tried appealing to the people of Scotland which ultimately fell on deaf ears and when the UK voted to leave the EU, Scotland voted to remain. 

One ‘yes’ voter had the gall to explain to me that Scotland didn’t want the dictionary definition of independence – to be free from dictatorship – stand on our own etc. –  but the political definition – to be ruled and governed by a corrupt, unelected organisation in another country.

Now that the EU has been exposed in mainstream tabloids, will Scotland the brave and the EU flag waver and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon now realise and admit they have been duped and the EU is no place for an Independent Scotland?

Will she now also seriously consider another referendum as early as possible in 2018 due to the ongoing ‘austerity’ measures being placed on the country, the sick and disabled being treated no better than rabid dogs, the continued roll-out of Universal Credit that will see millions facing poverty and homelessness etc. people having to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, continuous sanctions against the unemployed/pensioners, privatisation of the NHS etc., etc. and it’s only going to get worse?

What exactly is she waiting for? 

What exactly are the people of Scotland waiting for?


We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years




British parliament and the ‘crown’ will cease to exist in November

British parliament and the ‘crown’ will cease to exist when The Lisbon Treaty comes in to full effect on 1st November 2014, power will no longer reside in Westminster, but  in Brussels.

british parliament and crown cease to exist

The right of the British Parliament to legislate over us in 43 areas, will be removed and be made subject to approval by qualified majority voting, or QMV,

There are 43 areas that will be affected where parliament will be unable to carry out policy changes, amendments, or repealing etc.

Each member state will lose the right of veto (constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a lawmaking body, exercise a veto against a decision or proposal).

The Lisbon Treaty

The Treaty of Lisbon (initially known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement which amends the two treaties which form the constitutional basis of the European Union (EU) and signed on 13 December 2007, and entered into force on 1 December 2009.

The signing of The  Lisbon Treaty is treason and  can be proven with the Bill of Rights 1689 and still in force, it, by definition, cannot be removed, changed or signed away by anyone, least of all Parliament.

And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God. – Bill of Rights [1688]

In other words, we may not be ruled in any way, shape or form by any foreign entity.

Declaration of the Indigenous Peoples of the Isles of Britain

When the British parliament and crown cease to exist, it is the Supremacy of the indigenous peoples that comes into immediate and factual existence.

At this point,the people can either continue as Citizen under the EU or declare themselves as ‘a sovereign indigenous man under the jurisdiction of Natural Law’.

On 1st November at Stonehenge, a declaration for the indigenous peoples of the Isles of Britain will be read by Nomine Deus and anyone can turn up and support the declaration.

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye all people who now inhabit the formerly known in ancient times the Isles of Prydian, latterly known by force and deceit as the United Kingdom

All people of the land Hear Ye this proclamation and Declaration

We the people of the land hereby solemnly make notice and Declaration that we are the Indigenous peoples of this land.

Further we declare that we are no part of the society which declares itself to rule over us the indigenous people, for they have attained their position and wealth by diverse acts of subterfuge and theft of the resources which are ours by right to share amongst ourselves without favour or profit-making.

We the Indigenous peoples reclaim our ancient birthrights and customs from the treasonous elites who have hidden the same from us for generations, seeking to enrich themselves from our common resources at the expense and ensuing poverty of the peoples whom have become enslaved in the system set up for the elites sole benefit. (read full declaration)

Withdrawal from the EU

An online petition,  WITHDRAWAL OF THE UK FROM THE EU USING ARTICLE 50 OF THE LISBON TREATY BY 1ST NOV 2014 (38.Degrees) has gathered over 11,000 signatures.

The petition is demanding the coalition government withdraw from the EU effective immediately .


The 43 areas:
1) Administrative cooperation,
2) Asylum,
3) Border Controls,
4) Citizens initiative regulations,
5) Civil Protection,
6) Committee of the regions,
7) Common Defence Policy,
8) Crime prevention incentives,
9) Criminal judicial cooperation,
10) Criminal Law
11) Culture,
12) Diplomatic judicial cooperation,
13) Economic Social Committee,
14) Emergency International aid,
15) Energy,
16) EU Budget,
17) Eurojust,
18) European Central Bank,
19) European Court of Justice,
20) Europol
21) Eurozone external representation,
22) Foreign Affairs High Representation Election,
23) Freedom of Movement of Workers,
24) Freedom to Establish a Business,
25) Freedom, Security, Justice, cooperation & evaluation policy,
26) Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy,
27) General economic interest services,
28) Humanitarian Aid,
29) Immigration,
30) Intellectual property
31) Organisation of the Council of the EU,
32) Police cooperation,
33) President of the European Council election,
34) Response to natural disaster & terrorism,
35) Rules concerning the Armaments Agency,
36) Self-employment rights,
37) Social Security Unanimity,
38) Space, 
39) Sport,
40) Structural & Cohesion Funds,
41) Tourism,
42) Transport, 
43) Withdrawal of a member state


This is one of the reasons Scotland should have choosen independence and why the UK should withdraw from the EU.

The European Union has supremacy over British Law.

80 per cent of Britain’s laws are now made in Brussels and Parliament has no power to reject or amend themPeter Lilley.


Corrupt EU Politicians think they have a right to rob their countries


Corrupt EU politicians think they have a right to rob their countries – Drago Kos, corruption fighter


“The European Union boasts of its well-being and the rule of law, but the latest European Commission report on corruption shows something is rotten in the EU.

Billions of euros are eaten up by corruption each year, and no parts of Europe are spared.

Is there no way out of this?

How does corruption find its way into so many nations?

Can it be fought?

To tease this out, we talk with Drago Kos, a professional corruption fighter and OECD head.”  – RT


TTIP and the EU’s contempt for democracy

Probably the most dangerous thing about Nigel Farage and UKIP is that they are essentially right about one thing, that the EU is an anti-democratic organisation.


Article by Thomas G. Clark – Another Angry Voice

The fact that they are right about the anti-democratic nature of the EU allows them to hide a load of extreme-right Thatcherism on steroids policies behind their stated opposition to the EU.

It is worth noting that UKIP certainly don’t oppose the £millions in EU salaries and expenses they claim, despite having the worst attendance and voting record of any party in the entire EU.

So even if you’re not disinclined to mistrust their extreme-right policies or their rogue’s gallery of ex-Tory party donors and failed Tory politicians, their complete hypocrisy in riding the EU gravy train should be enough to make you mistrust them.

There have been countless demonstrations that UKIP are right, and that the EU has no respect for democracy, especially their absurd decision to make Ireland go back and hold their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty again, until they got the right result.

The latest display of outright contempt for democracy by the EU is their decision to block a Citizen’s Initiative against the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) because they do not want to allow the citizens of Europe any kind of avenue to prevent this massive corporate power grab from going ahead.

What is TTIP?


I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail about why the TTIP is so bad because there’s far more criticism than could possibly be covered in a single blog post.

Some of the worst things about this proposed TTIP deal between the EU and the US include:

  • Lowering of standards:  If TTIP is signed, it will mean that legislation will be harmonised by lowering standards. Where Europe may have higher environmental standards, they will be lowered to weaker US standards. Where the US may have higher food safety standards, they will be lowered to weaker European levels. Standards won’t be harmonised by bringing them up to the higher level, they will be harmonised by bringing them down to the lowest common denominator.
  • Job losses: It has been estimated that, just like countless other so-called free-trade deals before it, TTIP will end up costing hundreds of thousands of jobs.
  • Undermining democracy and the rule of law: One of the most controversial parts of TTIP is the inclusion of Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS). These ISDS provisions are designed to make corporate activities immune to democracy and the rule of law by introducing a new level of secretive tribunal where corporations can completely bypass the legal system in order to sue governments for daring to introduce new laws that may affect their profit margins. Thus the profits of corporations become elevated above the democratic process, and above the rule of law.
  • Secretive and non-transparent negotiations: Even before the EU decided to block the Citizens Initiative against TTIP, negotiations were being carried out in a highly secretive and non-transparent manner. Despite claims from the EU that TTIP is being negotiated in a transparent manner, the chief EU negotiator on the deal has already stated in a letter to his US counterpart that public access to all documents relating to the negotiation and implementation of TTIP will be blocked for up to 30 years.

If you would like more details on TTIP please follow this link to check out John Hilary’s comprehensive critique.

What is a Citizen’s Initiative?

European Citizen’s Initiatives are probably the only decent bit of participatory democracy in the whole EU political system. If one million people (from several different EU states), support a Citizen’s Initiative, a legislative proposal can be tabled in the European Parliament. Ongoing European Citizen’s Initiatives include movements in support of Universal Basic Income, the human right to water and the introduction of traffic calming measures in European towns and cities.

The Citizens Initiative against TTIP

Through the summer of 2014 a number of organisations and individuals opposed to TTIP (and another similar deal between the EU and Canada called CETA) begun the process of starting a European Citizen’s Initiative, with the planned launch in September 2014.

After the organisers had gathered the support of over 230 organisations across Europe, and the backing of the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament, the EU simply turned down the initiative before it could even get started.

The French Green MEP Yannick Jadot described the EU decision to block the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP as “above all a political decision” and a demonstration of “contempt” for the tens of thousands of people to have spoken out against TTIP already.

The mainstream media response

The mainstream media in the UK completely failed to cover the EU decision to block the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP. The only articles about the decision to appear were on independent blogs like my own, small independent websites, activist sites, Green party webpages and a single article on

This mainstream news blackout might seem surprising given that the majority of the right-wing dominated UK media peddle a staunchly Eurosceptic line. A decision to block a Citizen’s Initiative would seem like the perfect kind of ammunition for journalists who generally describe the EU in terms of being an anti-democratic monstrosity.

One would have thought that this decision to obstruct participatory democracy would have made great ammunition for UKIP too, but as has always been the case, the UKIP leadership has remained absolutely silent about their position on TTIP.

Probably the most likely explanation for this blanket refusal to criticise this obstruction of democracy by the EU, is that UKIP and the right-wing media are all in favour of a gigantic corporate power grab designed to make the pursuit of corporate profits supersede democracy and the rule of law.

When it comes to the minority of traditionally centre-left newspapers (like the Guardian and the Independent) perhaps the explanation for their lack of coverage is that the EU decision to torpedo the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP came on a Friday, and that they’re so short-staffed that they couldn’t find anyone to write even a few short paragraphs about it over the weekend?

If this is the case, perhaps they’ll get around to informing the public sometime next week?


In my view, the EU decision to block the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP, is not only a display of outright contempt the concept of participatory democracy and for the citizens of Europe, it is a demonstration that they are desperately afraid of democracy, and of allowing the people of Europe to participate in politics.

They are afraid that if they allow the people of Europe to participate in the political process, it may prevent them from doing whatever the hell they want to do.

The EU will continue with their secretive non-transparent TTIP negotiations, but the fight against TTIP will not be stopped just because the EU decided to obstruct the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP.

In my view, one of the most important things about the fight against TTIP is the provision of information. By continually treating TTIP as if it were just some kind of benign “trade deal” rather than an outrageous corporate power grab, the majority of the mainstream media have already shown that they are failing in their duty to keep the public informed.

The complete mainstream media blackout on the EU decision to block the Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP just goes to show how unfit for purpose they are. This mainstream news blackout should be a sign to anyone keen to keep themselves abreast of what is going on in the world, that they really must look beyond what the mainstream press is prepared to tell them if they want anything resembling a complete picture.

If people are going to be mobilised in sufficient numbers against TTIP, the most important thing is that as many people as possible in Europe actually know what TTIP is, and it is absolutely clear that the mainstream media is completely unfit for purpose in this regard.

That means it’s down to people like me and you to spread the word.


Scots won’t get independence from a Yes vote

The Scots have no way of keeping a UK link while extending the powers of the Scottish Parliament. This option would have won the day but thanks to David Cameron, it is not on offer

As continually reported on this site, Scotland will NOT gain any sort of independence from a ‘yes’ vote.



I would say so.

An article in the Telegraph on 11th Sept: reads: Scots won’t get independence from a Yes vote – although written by Nigel Farage, it is there in black and white……the truth about Scotland’s independence.

I am no fan of Nigel Farage, or any other political party and their ‘leaders’, especially Alex Salmond, who is very aware that there will be no real independence or freedom but has failed to mention that we will be ruled and governed by the EU.

And just because it is from Farage, doesn’t make it any less true.

The problem for the Scots, though, is if they vote ”yes’’ next week, they will not get independence. Rather, they are voting for rule by Brussels. As Mr Cameron has brutally discovered, no EU member is truly independent.

“Better Together” cannot, of course, say this. To do so would be to admit how little freedom of action the UK retains. A Scotland outside the UK, but in the EU, can no more have its own trade, agriculture, fisheries, immigration, environment or justice policies than any other EU member.

This is where Salmond has not been open with the Scottish voters: he is not admitting the consequences of EU membership. These have a direct impact on people’s lives. –  Nigel Farage: The Telegraph

It isn’t very difficult to understand.

Quite simply, you can not have independence, be ruled by another country, have an English monarch and central banking.

That’s not independence.

However, some people’s idea of ‘independence’ is quite different.

As with one campaigner, who stated on Twitter that Europe was the way forward even after it was pointed out, that we would be ruled and governed by the EU.

From Twitter:

Independent Scotland on Twitter    wearescots  paulwheelhouse I trust the Scottish govt with these matters. Hence Yes for Indy.



I’m sure the lady was tickled pink when MSP Paul Wheelhouse RT’d and favoured her tweets.

I also doubt that she read the article in question given how quick she replied, nearly 2000 words and three videos and links are a lot to get through in five minutes.

You can read the article HERE

There are also mixed reports about Scotland’s EU status.

I’ve read that membership will continue uninterrupted and then a few days later read someone from the EU said that it would take five years to re-join, which is good news because hopefully in that time, the people of Scotland will have finally realised that they have been led up the garden path and keep us out of Europe.

At the risk of repeating, again, the EU make and implement  ALL UK LAW!

Even with independence, Scotland WILL still be RULED & GOVERNED by the EU!

The Bill of Right 1689:

And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

In other words, we may not be ruled in any way, shape or form by any foreign entity.

Scotland’s NHS is also under threat of privatisation through the  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

There is no opt-out for Scotland.

The ‘Yes’ campaign and Alex Salmond are not exactly being kosher with Scotland are they?

I wonder why that would be?


By all means, vote for Independence, but do so with the intention, that if Scotland is FREE on the 18th September, it means going it alone.

No EU.

No English monarch.

No central banking.


Scotland wins independence.

But is ruled and governed by the EU.

And has an ‘English’ monarch as the head of ‘State’.

Oh the shame.



The Lisbon Treaty and the EU

featured image

The Treaty of Lisbon (initially known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement which amends the two treaties which form the constitutional basis of the European Union (EU).

The Treaty of Lisbon was signed by the EU member states on 13 December 2007, and entered into force on 1 December 2009.

It amends the Maastricht Treaty (1993), which also is known as the Treaty on European Union, and the Treaty of Rome (1958), which also is known as the Treaty establishing the European Community (TEEC).

At Lisbon, the Treaty of Rome was renamed to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Is signing the Lisbon Treaty Treason?

(Free Britain) This can be proven with the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Lisbon Treaty, although the same can be said for the previous European Union Treaties.

Firstly, not only is the Bill of Rights 1689 still in force, it, by definition, cannot be removed, changed or signed away by anyone. Least of all Parliament, further details can be found here.

This section of the Bill of Rights is taken from It states the following;

And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

In other words, we may not be ruled in any way, shape or form by any foreign entity.

Now to the Lisbon Treaty/ Constitution. Firstly;

The analysis finds that only 10 out of 250 proposals in the new treaty are different from the proposals in the original EU Constitution. In other words, 96% of the text is the same as the rejected Constitution. – Open Europe.

Within the Lisbon Treaty is Declaration 17 concerning Primacy. Download it here. (Pg 26)

The Conference recalls that, in accordance with well settled case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Treaties and the law adopted by the Union on the basis of the Treaties have primacy over the law of Member States, under the conditions laid down by the said case law.

So the European Union has supremacy over British Law.

Not only that, but at this moment;

80 per cent of Britain’s laws are now made in Brussels and Parliament has no power to reject or amend themPeter Lilley.

More information below.

The total scale of EU legislation is enormous. Last year, the EU passed 177 directives, which are more or less equivalent to our Acts of Parliament, and 2,033 regulations, which become directly enforceable in this place, not to mention 1,045 decisions.

Even that huge tally ignores the extent to which our powers are diminished by our inability to do things that we would like to do because they would conflict with European law.

When I was a Minister, officials would frequently say, “No, Minister, you can’t do that”, because something was within the exclusive competence of the European Union. – Peter Lilley, House of Commons, Daily Hansard, 3 Jun 2008, 3.35 pm.

A few recent regulatory charades actually came from Brussels;

Indeed, Ministers often end up nobly accepting responsibility for laws that they actually opposed when they were being negotiated in Brussels. They took the rap for costly and troublesome home improvement packs—which have added to the woes of the housing market—even though they were actually mandated by a Brussels directive. Similarly, they took the rap for fortnightly bin collections, hospital reconfiguration and a number of other measures, even though they had all been triggered by directives from Brussels. At first sight, it is odd that Ministers—who, in this Government, are not normally slow to blame others—should nobly defend and accept responsibility for Brussels’ legislative progeny, in whose conception they have often played little part. They prefer to claim paternity rather than admit impotence—the fate of the cuckold across the ages. – Peter Lilley, House of Commons, Daily Hansard, 3 Jun 2008, 3.35 pm.

Any member of Parliament who claims that the majority of Laws and Regulations imposed on the British do not originate from the EU are either ignorant or lying. Probably so they can continue to line their own pockets.

13 things the Lisbon Treaty would do

1. Would be a power-grab by the Big States for control of the EU by basing EU law-making post-Lisbon primarily on population size. This would double Germany’s voting power in making European laws from its present 8% to 17%, increase Britain’s, France’s and Italy’s from 8% to 12% each, and halve Ireland’s vote to 0.8%. How does having 0.8% of a vote in making EU laws put Ireland “at the heart of Europe” ? Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s “guarantees” do not explain how having half as much influence in the EU as Ireland has today would induce the other Member States to listen to our concerns on unemployment and help to resolve the economic crisis in the interest of Irish companies, workers and farmers.

2.Would copperfasten the Laval and related judgements of the EU Court of Justice, which put the competition rules of the EU market above the rights of Trade Unions to enforce pay standards higher than the minimum wage for migrant workers. At the same time Lisbon would give the EU full control of immigration policy (Art.79 TFEU).

3. Would permit the post-Lisbon EU to impose Europe-wide taxes directly on us for the first time without need of further Treaties or referendums (Art.311 TFEU).

4. Would amend the existing treaties to give the EU exclusive power as regards rules on foreign direct investment (Arts.206-7 TFEU) and give the Court of Justice the power to order the harmonisation of national indirect taxes if it decides that this causes a “distortion of competition” in the market (Art.113 TFEU). These changes could undermine our 12.5% corporation profits tax, which is the principal attraction of Ireland for foreign business.

5. Would abolish our present right to “propose” and decide who Ireland’s Commissioner is, by replacing it with a right to make “suggestions” only, leaving it up to the incoming Commission President to decide (Art.17.7 TEU). Our No vote last year secured us a commitment to a permanent Commissioner, but what is the point of every EU State continuing to have its own Commissioner post-Lisbon when it can no longer decide who that Commissioner will be?

6. Would give the European Union the Constitution of an EU Federal State which would have primacy over the Irish and other national Constitutions. This post-Lisbon EU would for the first time be legally separate from and superior to its 27 Member States and would sign international treaties with other States in all areas of its powers (Arts.1 and 47 TEU; Declaration 17 concerning Primacy). In constitutional terms Lisbon would thereby turn Ireland into a regional or provincial state within this new Federal-style European Union, with the EU’s Constitution and laws having legal primacy over the Irish Constitution and laws in any cases of conflict between the two.

7. Would turn us into real citizens for the first time of this new post-Lisbon European Union, owing obedience to its laws and loyalty to its authority over and above our obedience and loyalty to Ireland and the Irish Constitution and laws in the event of any conflict between the two. We would still keep our Irish citizenship, but it would be subordinate to our new EU citizenship and the rights and duties vis-a-vis the EU that would attach to that(Art.9 TEU).

8. Would give the EU Court of Justice the power to decide our rights as EU citizens by making the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding for the first time (Art.6 TEU). This would give power to the EU judges to use their case law to lay down a uniform standard of rights for the 500 million citizens of the post-Lisbon Union in the name of a common EU citizenship in the years to come. It would open the possibility of clashes with national human rights standards in sensitive areas where Member States differ from one another at present, e.g. trial by jury, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, habeas corpus, the legalisation of hard drugs, euthanasia, abortion, labour law, succession law, marriage law, children’s rights etc. Ireland’s Supreme Court and the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights would no longer have the final say on what our rights are.

9. Would abolish the national veto Ireland has at present by handing over to the EU the power to make laws binding on us in 32 new policy areas, including public services, crime, justice and policing, immigration, energy, transport, tourism, sport, culture, public health, the EU budget and international measures on climate change.

10. Would reduce the power of National Parliaments to make laws in relation to 49 policy areas or matters, and increase the influence of the European Parliament in making EU laws in 19 new areas (See for the two lists).

11. Would be a self-amending Treaty which would permit the EU Prime Ministers and Presidents to shift most remaining EU policy areas where unanimity is required and a national veto still exists – for example on tax harmonisation – to qualified majority voting on the EU Council of Ministers, without need of further EU Treaties or referendums (Art.48 TEU).

12. Would enable the 27 EU Prime Ministers to appoint an EU President for up to five years without allowing voters any say as to who he or she would be – thereby abolishing the present six-monthly rotating EU presidencies (Art.15.5 TEU).

13. Would militarize the EU further, requiring Member States “progressively to improve their military capabilities” (Art.42.3 TEU) and to aid and assist other Member States experiencing armed attack “by all the means in their power” (Art.42.7 TEU).

TEU = Treaty on European Union as amended by the Lisbon Treaty
TFEU = Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as amended by the Lisbon Treaty = Website -ABC of the EU.

Treason In Westminster – The People Fight Back Against Lisbon Treaty!

The scoop of the day was meeting Christopher Booker (first interview), writer for the Daily Telegraph.

Search for Christopher Booker on ‘Sunday Telegraph’ to read his NOTEBOOK.

He has written many books including – with Dr Richard North..’The Great Depression’ and ‘Scared to Death: From BSE to Global Warming, why scares are costing us the earth (2007).

The people are waking up but the Politicians are not listening…on purpose…they do not want the people to have a voice or vote on the New Constitution which is packaged as the ‘Lisbon Treaty’.

This way no referendum is required and the people once again have to swallow the decisions of a few at the top about their rights and their future.

Treason some would call it when a nation is just given to another foreign power.

The power resides in the people who lend their authority to elected politicians.

The power is then retured to the people at the next election and they elect another.

But in the new EU the right to govern is now taken and the power to govern is self perpetuating and without authority from the people.

(Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the makers of this video)

EU gives £24m of British taxpayers money to Czech Republic

Gone Fishin' – the EU has awarded fishing industry with a £2.5bn fund from British taxpayers

The EU has given £24m of British taxpayers money to the LANDLOCKED Czech Republic to boost its FISHING industry.

“The UK taxpayer is being asked to spend billions of pounds to countries throughout the EU on projects that it may not directly support or see a benefit from.

“It makes a mockery of the UK if it is expected to give the EU funds to support fishing industries in landlocked countries such as the Czech Republic.

“As a result, the UK taxpayer is being taken for a ride and there seems to be little political support in Government to end this practice.”  said Rory Broomfield, director of the eurosceptic Better Off Out campaign group.

This is what it means to be part of the EU.

The Czech Republic’s economy is ‘bigger than New Zealand and oil-rich Kuwait. Its unemployment rate is currently 6.1 per cent, less than the UK’s 6.5 per cent.’

Meanwhile un-elected Prime Minister Cameron plans to hold an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union in 2017 if his party wins the next election.

And worryingly,  Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister said the UK was being “dragged ever closer to the exit door of Europe” and claimed “independence would protect Scotland’s EU membership.”

A bigger worry still is that the ‘Yes’ campaign claims the possibility of a referendum poses “a real threat” to Scotland remaining part of the EU!

Now I did contact the ‘Yes’ campaign asking that if Scotland gained independence and we re-join the EU, how can it be independence as they make all UK law and it wouldn’t be any different for Scotland? That’s not independence.

I received a reply after a week from Graham Watson and after going through what the EU had to offer Scotland and how we would benefit, he still didn’t answer the question.

Click on images to enlarge. (opens in new tab)

Reply from the Scottish Government.   email

Reply from the Scottish Government.   email 2


There was an attached PDF file, this was the gist of it.

Reply from the Scottish Government.  2

Now I am not bashing the ‘Yes’ campaign in any way, they have done an excellent job for Scotland, but either they do know about this or they don’t.


(Please do read the other articles, especially the main page.)

Even with a ‘yes’ vote, Scotland will still not gain any real form of independence, not if we re-join the EU.

The real threat to Scotland’s freedom is the EU.

This is why this website has been created, to provide the information, for the people, raising awareness and to try and take the first steps in establishing the People’s Parliament.

It is vital that on the 18th September, Scotland free’s herself from the grasp of the UK and its parliament, we will truly be free until such times we……….re-join the EU. (I do apologise for the repetitiveness, it really has been a long day)

Which is why I ask, do you want to be truly free or do you want to pretend to be, just to have all the ‘benefits’ the EU has to ‘offer’, including being governed by them?

That’s not independence.

That’s  not freedom.

Alba gu bràth!

The European Debt Crisis Visualized

At the heart of the European debt crisis is the euro, the currency that tied together 18 countries in an intimate manner.

European Union

So when one country teeters on the brink of financial collapse, the entire continent is at risk.

How did such a flawed system come to be?

Bloomberg Television and Jonathan Jarvis present “The European Debt Crisis Visualized.” (Source: Bloomberg).


The European Union Explained