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The Stolen Seas: Reclassified 6,000 square miles of Scottish sea as English waters


In 1999, the UK establishment secretly reclassified 6,000 square miles of Scottish sea as English waters.


Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, revealed this theft on his website back in 2012.


The main stream media has given little exposure to this important issue.

In this short video, Mr Murray explains the history of the theft, why it was done and what may be done in the future to rectify the situation.



Scottish Independence: What they really think of you.

Scottish Independence  What they really think of you.   YouTube

This video is a collection of clips which are publicily available.

These clips can be found on their own. There’s nothing new here.

This video has joined them up and contrasted them together.

Scotland is being sold a message that we are all ‘British’ and we are all ‘Family’.

As you’ve seen in the ‘Better Together’ and ‘No Thanks’ Campaign videos.

However, beyond the polished and scripted message of the campaign there are other, more honest viewpoints.

These are not rehearsed and not scripted. These viewpoints contain a far more truthful insight into how many people in the UK’s biggest component country actually view the United Kingdom.

These people obviously view the whole UK nation-state as ‘England’. Many of them consider Scotland to be a subsidised entity within it, sponging off the hard working ‘English’ taxpayers.

Mislabelling the UK as ‘England’ is not a crime. It’s simply ignorant. But letting that ignorant viewpoint inform how you see and relate to the other UK members is very important, because it fosters divisivness and exclusion of non-English UK citizens.

As a Scot, I’m offended that many English people feel this way about my country especially when I did once strongly believe that we were all “Better Together”.

These clips contain the following people, mistaking England for the UK, referring to UK taxation as ‘English, the UK Parliament as ‘English’ and how Scotland is subsidised by England.

For balance, this video does not just contain ill-informed celebrities or ignorant people in the street.

We have:

– The Right Honourable Sir Brian Leveson
– The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke QC MP
– Unknown Member of the Public
– Katie Hopkins, Columnist, Celebrity
– Richard Madeley, TV Presenter and Columnist
– Uknown Youtuber
– Kelvin MacKenzie, Newspaper Editor
– Simon Cowell, tv producer, entrepreneur.
– Uknown member of the public, BBC Question time.